• domestic vacuum cleaners
  • industrial vacuum cleaners
  • handicraft machines
  • dust extraction plants
  • transport and suction of solid, liquid and gaseous media
  • suction hose for fine grained particles, e.g. dust and powders
  • air condition/ventilation
  • swimmingpool cleaning
  • chemical industry
  • protection hose


  • good resistance to oil, alkalis and acids
  • air- and watertight
  • buoyant (S.G.= 0,94)
  • UV und ozone resistant
  • lightweight
  • extremely flexible
  • crushresistant
  • RoHS compliant
Chemical Resistance

Recommended Connecting Elements:

Index Number: 8.8

Product Description

PE-EVA suction and transport hose, lightweight, crush resistant


hose wall: PE-EVA Copolymer

Temperature Range

  • -40°C up to +60°C
  • intermittent to +70°C


  1. open spiral-profile
  2. hose wall: PE-EVA Copolymer