Master-PUR L-MHR se


  •  ventilation systems in railed vehicles
  •  drainage hose for rainwater and condensation from air-conditioning systems
  •  suction & transport hose for abrasive solids, which requires microbe and hydrolysis resistance



  •  tested acc. to DIN 54837:2007; classification DIN 5510-2 : 2009 test result:

          - flammability class S-4 
          - smoke formation class SR-2 
          - drip formation class ST-2

  •  tested acc. to ISO 5659-2:2007; classification DIN 5510-2 : 2009 test result:

          - requirements fulfilled

  •  very good hydrolysis and microbe resistance
  •  excellent cold flexibility
  •  high temperature resistance
  •  high abrasion resistant
  •  very high chemical resistance
  •  free from halogen and heavy metals
  •  generally good UV and ozone resistance (see register no. 28.7.7)
  •  nearly smooth inside
  •  optimum flow characteristics
  •  flexible
  •  small bend radius


Chemical Resistance

Recommended Connecting Elements:

Index Number: 2.4.1

Product Description

PU suction and transport hose, lightweight, microbe and hydrolysis resistant, hardly inflammable


hose wall: special polyurethane

spiral: steel wire

Temperature Range

  • -40°C up to +90°C
  • Intermittent to +125°C


  1.  immovable cast spring steel spiral
  2.  hose wall: special polyurethane
  3.  wall thickness between spirals ca. 0.7 mm