Master-PVC L-F EL


  • suction and transport hose for solid, liquid and gaseous medias
  • dangerous areas with the demand of electrical conductivity
  • transport of fine-grained particles such as dust and powder
  • chemical processing plants
  • apparatus construction


  • surface resistance RO < 106 Ohm
  • good resistance to oil, bases and acids
  • good chemical resistance
  • lightweight
  • nearly smooth inside
  • extremely flexible
  • can be axially compressed
  • small bend radius
  • acc. to TRBS 2153 (zone 0, 20) suitable for combustible liquids/dusts. Spiral ends shall be earthed at both sides to ensure static dissipation (see register no. 28.12)

Recommended Connecting Elements:

Index Number: 5.6

Product Description

PVC film hose, lightweight, electrically conductive <106 Ohm


hose wall: plasticised PVC, electrically conductive

spiral: plastic coated spring steel wire

Temperature Range

  • -20°C up to +70°C
  • intermittent to +80°C


  1. covered and shrink-wrapped plastic-coated spring steel wire
  2. hose wall: plasticised PVC, electrically conductive
  3. film thickness ca. 0.5 mm