Master-Clip NEOPREN


  • chemical plants
  • transfer of hot or cold air
  • air conditioninging/ventilation
  • vehicle construction
  • engine construction
  • exhaust fumes equipment
  • extraction of corrosive media
  • low pressure applications


  • improved temperature resistance
  • good chemical resistance
  • highly flexible
  • extremely compressible ca. 1: 6
  • small bend radius
  • vibrationproof
  • external steel helix protects against abrasion
  • special clamping method guarantees high tensile strength between hose material and external helix
  • acc. to TRBS 2153 (zone 1, 21) suitable for non-combustible dusts and gases of low conductivity. Clip ends shall be earthed at both sides and helix pitch shall be < 30 mm to ensure static dissipation (see register no. 28.12)
  • RoHS compliant
Chemical Resistance

Recommended Connecting Elements:

Index Number: 14.1

Product Description

Suction and blower hose for corrosive media up to +125 °C


hose wall: neoprene coated polyester fabric

external helix: galvanised steel

Temperature Range

  • -35°C up to +125°C
  • intermittent to +150°C


  1. external helix
  2. hose wall: Neoprene coated polyester fabric