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Data Privacy for the masterflex.as Website

Contents of this Statement and responsible office

Masterflex Asia Pte Ltd 25, International Business Park #04-60A German Centre ("Masterflex" or "We"), takes the protection of your data and the legal obligations for the purpose of this protection very seriously.

As a user of the Website, please note that links on our Website may redirect you to other websites that are not operated by Masterflex but rather by third parties. These links are either clearly labelled by us or may be recognised by a changed link in the address line of your browser. Masterflex is not responsible for compliance with the data privacy provisions and secure handling of your data on websites operated by third parties.


Personal Data

Personal data are information that allows for a natural person to be identified. This includes, among other things, name, date of birth, address and e-mail address. The use of our Website is generally possible without having to disclose your identity in whole or in part.

The disclosure of your identity is only required if you would like to contact us via the Website to be informed about Masterflex's services. Without disclosing your identity, it would not be possible for us to answer your contact request. It is your voluntary decision if you would like to contact Masterflex via the Website and disclose personal data for this purpose.


Data processing through the use of the Website

The web server, on which the Website is stored, automatically collects and stores in its log files information that your browser transmits when accessing the Website.

This includes:

  • browser type/version,
  • operating system used,
  • referrer URL (the website visited prior to this one),
  • host name of the accessing computers (IP address), and
  • time of server query.

Masterflex cannot attribute these data to specific persons. These data are not combined with other data sources.


Use of personal data on the Website 

Masterflex uses your personal data exclusively to process your request received via the Website or sent by e-mail. This especially applies to e-mail addresses.

Masterflex does not process your data beyond the uses of processing your request; in particular, Masterflex does supply your data to third parties for advertising purposes.

The type and method of data processing by Masterflex strictly comply with the applicable legal requirements and the scope is always restricted to the minimum required to achieve the purpose.